ATO APMP Training

Get your Certification

Interactive workshops will get you through the intricate APMP testing process.

WaterLily Writing is 1 of 4 US certified Approved Training Organizations (ATO) for the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). We offer training for those who want to further their career with APMP Foundation-level certification.

Our real-world training program helps you both pass the test and improve your proposal process development. We guide you through the Foundation level syllabus and the examination itself, maximizing your chances of passing the first time. You take the accreditation examination on the same day as the training, while all the training information is fresh in your mind.

Our Approach

Our interactive course design uses a mixture of lecture, discussion, and hands-on training from RFP examples. Our instructors encourage students to ask questions and share concerns within the professional setting to foster comprehension and retention. Since the purpose of procurement is organizational growth, we also promote ethical behavior and accountability as the foundation of our teaching. Expert trainers are available for travel.

If you are interested in WaterLily Writing providing an APMP training class, send us a Service Inquiry that includes a location and possible dates.

Each class provides:

  Full-day training workshop
  APMP Study Guide
  APMP Glossary
  WaterLily Writing’s training exercises and workbook
  Lunch and refreshments

Note: APMP membership is not required to take the exam. However, substantially higher charges are applied by the APMP for non-members.