Business Development

Refine your Approach

Are you using a sniper rifle or a shotgun in your approach to bidding?

Grow your business for long-term profit and sustainability. WaterLily Writing provides business development consultation and strategic planning to all sizes of organizations. We help take the guess work out of government marketing processes and create a more methodical approach.

Our unmatched consultancy ensures that your Vision, Goals, and Strategy are in alignment with each other and with your business. We help you stay on track to reach measurable goals and create realistic timelines with lasting results.

Pipeline Development

Pipeline is more than a list of opportunities delivered to your email. It’s hours of reading to see if the RFP fits. Let us help you to focus on managing your everyday without the concern of a missed opportunity.

Process Improvement

Save money, time, and effort with our streamline processes.

SWOT Analysis

Do you know how your competitors and clients see you? Don’t guess. We’ll help you develop your SWOT analysis.

Capture Planning

Stop the expensive shotgun approach. Turn your proposal pursuits into investments through a targeted approach.

Competitive Comparison

Staying up to date with your competitors is vital to maintain the competitive edge throughout your proposal. Assessing and addressing the wins, losses, and positioning of those in your industry will put you on top and keep you there.

Competitor Research

Get beyond the surface and know who your competition is.  What surprise is your competitor planning for you?

FOIA Support

We specialize in navigating municipal, state, federal laws governing the release of information.

Market Research and Analysis

Find your client and customer bases and learn the most effective way to get their attention.

Additional Business Services

Business Writing

Strategically aligned business plans and marketing content to get launch any organization.


Guided review cycles aimed to enhance your proposal’s chances during evaluation.

Company Training

Shed light on the world of proposal management. We’ll show your team how to keep up, stay focused, and Win.