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WaterLily Writing has the following open positions:


There are currently no vacancies available. However, if you fit one of the below categories, we encourage you to submit your application package as described on this page.

Are You Looking for a Great Team?

WaterLily Writing is always looking for talented individuals who can thrive under strict deadlines. Apply to join us if you are:

  An exceptional graphic artist who can create impactful graphics from sketches or vague concepts. Graphic artists must have access to Adobe products. Bonus consideration if you have experience in print production, presentations, or proposal graphics development.

  A detail-oriented editor who can fix more than just grammar and spelling. Our editors need to be able to see the whole picture and combine/streamline multiple writing voices.

  An organized proposal coordinator with a firm understanding of creating compelling content from scratch, and who can keep any team on schedule.

  A dedicated technical writer who can work well with subject matter experts to write factual narratives for educational training courses and technical documentation. Prior experience in project documentation, curriculum development, resumes, job descriptions, user and system manuals, or business writing preferred.

  A capable office administrator who can support the team with strong follow-through and adherence to process. Experience in bookkeeping appreciated.

  A creative marketer or marketing research analyst who can provide influential, yet accurate content or strategy that is aimed toward our target audience.

  An engaging trainer who can facilitate training sessions in business development and proposal with 15 years + experience to speak from.

You can apply using the Application Process below. If the position is currently open, please use the process shown on the job posting instead (links provided).

We’re located in Arlington, TX, but remote and/or international applicants are eligible for consideration. All new hires are employed as 1099 subcontractors (unless otherwise stated) and are expected to provide their own compatible software and tools. WaterLily Writing operates with both Adobe and Microsoft products.

Application Process

Your Application Package should comprise of the following:  cover letter, resume, and three samples of relevant work. All attachments must be in PDF format; materials submitted only through weblinks will not be considered. Please see the instructions below for details.

Your cover letter must contain:

  Summary of your experience and what you can bring to our team.

  A table depicting your work availability. Include every day of the week (Sunday through Saturday) and the hours of each day that you are available. Please note the time zone from which you will be working.

  A list of software related to your position and your level of skill with each one. (If you say advanced or expert, you will need to provide the Certification from an Accredited Testing or Training Organization).

  Three professional references from your resume history.

  Preference for full-time or part-time.

  Preference for W-2 or 1099 status. If 1099, please provide your proposed hourly rate.

  Your physical address, email, and phone number for contact purposes.

  Your resume must contain at least last ten years of work history with the month and year for each. Your resume must be no more than three pages.

  Your three samples of relevant work must be submitted in one PDF file. Samples that are several pages long may be submitted as excerpts for size or confidentiality purposes.

Submission Form

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If you encounter a problem with the online submission form, email your application package to:  Resumes@WaterLilyWriting.com.