Grant Writing

Submit a Good Application

Grants are some of the toughest money to get. Win-rates are low, competition is high. Let us help you secure your funding.

Does your company or non-profit organization rely on grant funding? At WaterLily Writing, we know how fierce the grant market is and understand how important each grant win is to your operations. Our team of consultants and writers combine their vast experience to help you avoid those costly mistakes in grant submittal. Regardless of your industry, we work with your subject matter experts to create comprehensive, quality materials. Our goal is to reach each requirement with flare, so you can earn your funding promptly and rise to success.

Grant Response

Elevate the status of your grant response using strong communication skills, our team can create a result that stands above the competition.


Does your response really address your grantors questions?


Send a follow-up report that gives your funder confidence in your recent project or program. A good report builds the foundation of future awards.