Proposal Writing

Take Back your Weekends

Creating proposal responses can stretch your time too thin. We’ll provide qualified experienced team to tackle any size project.


Our success is measured by your revenue growth. We are committed to producing the highest quality work for you when you need it.

WaterLily Writing specializes in procurement and proposal services in many sectors including the complex federal arena. We have a highly focused team with an 87% win-rate (2016) determined to help you grow your business for long-term profit and sustainability using strategically targeted proposal submissions.

When tackling any proposal submission, we step back and ask ourselves some of the most important questions:

  Are we responsive as well as compliant?
  Will the proposal be easy to score?
  Are we targeting to the different types of evaluators?

We go beyond just answering the mail. Each proposal has a story to tell and WaterLily can tell your story. We deliver steadfast surge support to all clients while still meeting all solicitation requirements and expectations.

Win Strategy

Stand-out against competition with differentiators designed to help you win. Our experts in proposal development help you to create unique discriminators to help you stand out.

Content Review

Are you giving your Evaluators what they are looking for? Is your content solid and giving evaluators confidence in your services? Let us help you refine your message.


Compliance is more than repeating the RFP back to the customer. Can you create compliant content that still tells your story? Let us help you create a picture that evaluators want to see.

Design and Graphics

A successful proposal relies on the ability to translate complex technical information into effective, understandable visuals. Our graphic designers have worked on hundreds of projects to create attractive charts, processes, and other graphics from mere sketches or descriptions.


Clients love that we create reusable material for future proposal submissions. We organize information for your organization to use when you need it, saving you more time and money with each proposal.


WaterLily Writing can help you develop your price to win strategy by leveraging your customer perceived value. This ensures your winning strategy without compromising your investment into the project.

Orals and Presentations

You made it to orals… now what? Our industry experts can assist you in prepping for any questions evaluators and stakeholders might have after reviewing your proposal.