Reviews for Peace of Mind

From start to finish, let us ensure you’re successful in all your pursuits.

Every project at WaterLily Writing is evaluated through a series of periodic color team reviews and assessments. Our reviews are designed to check key bidding success factors at the critical gateways in the business development cycle and are available as a group, or “à la carte” if you run your own proposals. Our fresh eyes will help you find holes in compliance, procedure, and missing strategies.

RFP Independent Evaluators

Ensure your proposal evaluation team is above reproach and remove evaluator bias. We provide independent evaluators that can assist in picking the right vendor for your project.

Available Proposal Review Options

  Blue Team – Capture plan
  Black Hat Team – Competitor analysis
  Pink Team – Organization and storyboard
  Red Team – Content accuracy and compliance
  Purple Team – Editorial
  Gold Team – Final approval


Why didn’t you win? Revisit your past proposal submissions to identify where improvements can be made and get you one more step closer to the winning submission. Our experts examine your submission from the perspective of your customer’s evaluators.