RFP Writing

Reduce Your Risk and Headache

Selecting the right vendor or subcontractor is critical to the bottom line and your project’s success.


Poorly constructed Request for Proposals (RFPs) make it hard for vendors to give you what you want and creates headaches for you down the road. This can result impacts to your customer’s perception of your capability, adherence to schedule, too many change orders, and overall project success. Let us help with an effective process to select the right subcontractors and vendors for your team.

Requirements Gathering

What’s your requirements sweet spot? You want the best but you have a budget. We’ll help you focus your Scope of Work into what you need, then define what you want.

Statements of Work and Scopes of Work

Vague Statements and Scopes cause mixed signals and difficult relationships between primes and subs. A strong scope of work tells bidders what they must do and what value they can bring to the team.

Evaluation Criteria

Well-defined evaluation rubrics create the apples-to-apples proposal comparisons rather than apples-to-oranges. Make it easier for you to justify selecting a vendor to your senior stakeholders.